The group MammaRò aims to investigate, through design, the balance between innovation and tradition. The research is focused on materials, shapes, colors, and is manifested in the function of the object.

That is why the group of designers from the traditional handmade, Italian and the rest of the world, leaving contaminate without losing their identity. The group of designers MammaRò the collaboration of prestigious public and private universities, the Academy of Fine Arts, School of Design, Italian.

Designing a store or a form is easy and difficult at the same time: easy if we can interpret the messages easier that come from nature, difficult if we can not give an impression that it is simple and natural perceptible to those who come into this place lively and stimulating. Modern civilization makes men lose meaning and value of life. era machine technology has become the model for the behavior, determines the space and time of our way of life.

Leonardo Giudici, Design

Why is Tuscany! And in Tuscany the food is good … but seriously, what seems to me the Mamma Ro wants to produce is not the article ambitious, created to compete with the rest of the market, but a number of things to start from ceramics through the tissues, cutlery, glasses, matching the wrought iron furniture and carpets that if one of them have a harmony, a balance … HEAT, an exclusive line but on the other hand not exclude anything … I mean …

Hans J. Wiegang, Designer

Shapes, materials and colors combined in freedom
Beauty is never perfect
The things that will last

Paolo Pierallini, Designer

In this symphony of colors dominated in the air, almost like a peacock its tail, an apple tree full of colorful and showy fruits, crops grown in large quantities on the branches, made them incline towards the ground to the very cold

Tonja Pierallini, Designer