The objects created by MammaRò born by human hands, are objects that tell a story, a landscape lifestyle.

The genuineness is’ in making objects that have and give warmth to which people attach themselves. Our stuff claiming “the time to escape”, embodied in the rediscovery of the ancient traditions of man, in order to live and be surrounded the most simple and natural.

“What I’m trying to say is that our philosophy is the opposite of what today offers us the market throwaway. Objects according to many cultures actually have a soul.”

The materials we use come from the land which is creative and this prevents us from thinking an object to throw him shortly after that we have.

Seriality and spirituality in the new time learning to walk together, to create objects on a large scale allows us to enter into the various realities and then bring in as many places our message. In this great project that is Mamma Ro, have become part of new people, new stories, new encounters.

I travel in many countries with which we work has enriched us all and expanded our work spaces, contents and friendships. Objects that today come from the group of designers still try the simplicity, freedom and happiness in the house.